What Most Operators Misunderstand About Manufacturing Overseas

We do things a little different here at Aussie buckets on the manufacturing front.

Like most, we manufacture overseas to get the same excellent quality attachments we expect here in Australia while saving costs, so it's more affordable for our customers.

The Key difference with Aussie Buckets is we manufacture on-demand for all our attachments.

This way, we can build every attachment for a purpose and ensure a perfect fit for both machine and application.

We find there are countless benefits to manufacturing overseas; the three standouts are…

Cost & Quality

Did you know Australian steel ore is exported to China? In 2020, iron ore accounted for $120 billion in export earnings – the first of any Australian export to top the $100 billion mark. Australia is the world's largest iron ore producer and the biggest shipper of the commodity to China, accounting for about 70 per cent of global demand.

We often hear, "I don't like any of that Chinese steel rubbish" but ironically, 'Chinese steel' is, in fact, made from the same ore as 'Australian steel.'

We have ensured that the steel we source for our attachments is of the highest quality and stands up to the working conditions Australians put their attachments through.

You won't be able to find attachments made to the same quality and standard as ours without paying that premium price.


Because we manufacture on-demand, we have the potential to customise all attachments to better suit the conditions it will be put through.

A few common customisations that customers make are extending thumbs to better suit their particular machine

Extending buckets and custom screen sizes depending on the materials they will be working with.

Adding on Extra wear protection to problem areas.

Because of this setup, it allows us to offer the largest range of attachments to Australians.

High-Quality Components

Because we manufacture In China, the ability to source high-quality components from other countries is much more feasible.

Whether it's Korean-made rams or German-made Motors, we have the capabilities to source the best of the best and provide attachments on unmatched quality and efficiency.

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