Aussie Buckets Difference: Fabricate on Demand

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Change—it’s part of everyday life and in recent years has become a necessity in business. One company leading the way for change in the excavator attachment industry is Aussie Buckets.

Established in 2018, out of necessity to provide hard-working Australians with quality products at a fair price, Aussie Buckets are leading the industry in fabricating on-demand machinery attachments.

Max Tomich, Director of Aussie Buckets, believes that the future of the attachment industry belongs to fabrication on demand.

“We believe fabricating on demand is the way of the future,” says Max. “A machine is only as good as its weakest attachment, which is why we [Aussie Buckets] fabricate for your machine and build to specifications.”

The Time for Change

The excavator attachments industry consists mostly of prefabricated attachments like rock breakers, augers, grapples, and buckets. These attachments are often built for convenience and flexibility, with many now featuring adjustable hitches to ensure they can cater to multiple machines.

Of course, there are pros and cons to both prefabricated and custom-made attachments. For some, custom fabrication is the best option to ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for. While for others, prefabricated means they get it faster, while also giving them the flexibility to use the attachment with multiple machines.

Another thing to consider is the difference in price. The price of an attachment will change depending on the specifications and the quality of the build. You can find both cost-effective custom and prefabricated attachments, but it pays to consider the pros and cons to both options including mark-ups, quality of material, and lead times—all of which affect the overall cost.

The team at Aussie Buckets believe that purpose-built attachments provide a better outcome for their customers.

Aussie Buckets Heavy Duty Rock Bucket. Source: Supplied.

“We don’t stock anything, everything is built on demand to suit [our customers]. We want to give back to our customers because they deserve it, and we’re confident that we can save them thousands in upfront costs while providing the attachment they need,” says Max.

While this business model isn’t the norm across the industry, it’s one that’s growing in popularity. With stock shortages felt across the capital equipment industry, built on demand and custom fabrication is becoming a more popular choice so that buyers can place their order and have the peace of mind they know they’re getting what they need.

And, when it’s a simple 5-step process, it’s easier than ever to get your own custom attachment.

The Custom Attachment Process

The team at Aussie Buckets make it simple to arrange your own purpose-built attachment. Start the conversation by calling, emailing or reaching out via social media.

From there, you’ll work with an attachment specialist to ensure your order details are documented and to your requirements.

The manufacturing process takes an average of 4 weeks to complete, but you won’t be left unattended. You’ll receive regular updates at 50% production, and 100% production of your attachment.

Then, your attachment will be processed and sent to Aussie Buckets distribution centre in Melbourne which can take around 4 weeks. Finally, your order will be processed and delivery or local pick up will be arranged.

Aussie Buckets Rotating Multipurpose Grab. Source: Supplied.

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