Installing a thumb is a really easy process with one of our Aussie Buckets hydraulic thumb kits. We provide everything you need to get this attachment mounted up and operating as soon as possible. Each kit includes the following;

  • The thumb

  • Hydraulic ram + built-in release valve

  • Mounting Plates

  • Hoses

  • Flat face quick couplers

When you receive the kit the first step is to get the base plate hinge mounted, both base plates come already attached to the catch and the hydraulic ram ready for installation.

1. Position the bucket in full curl and locate the base thumb mounting plate (allow 1” inch clearance between the mounting plate and the bucket.)

2. Clamp or tack weld the mounting plate in place. (make sure the tack weld or clamp is strong enough to hold the mounting plate and thumb in place.)

3. Position the thumb 90 degrees to the flat part of the stick as shown in ( thumb most contact bucket cutting edge or teeth). The bucket must only contact the thumb in this area. When the thumb contacts bucket is in another area mounting plate is to be moved back on the stick to remove the contact area.

4. It’s time to plug in the hoses to your machine and extend the ram to its maximum opening. This will allow you to determine on your machine the ideal location to mount the top base plate.

5. Install cylinder (top) as shown in the diagram plate to a comfortable working position and tack weld or clamp in place.

6. Move the thumb to a minimum and maximum cylinder stroke, check that cylinder is free and that there is no contact with the bucket at full curl that could damage the cylinder. 7. Happy with the final product? Finish welding mounting plates to boom.

8. Once the rams base plate has been welded on the attachment is now ready for use. Ensuring that the unit has been greased and all bolts have been checked tight you are ready to go.

Using this method of installation ensures that operators achieve the most performance out of their thumb across a wide range of machine types especially in regards to the different hitch travel arcs depending on that machine link arm.

For further information on fit-ups of our hydraulic thumbs feel free to contact ours in house specialist on 0468 380 555.