Here’s 3 Essentials Every Demolition Operator Must Own!

Are you an operator in the demolition industry or wanting to branch out your business into the field? Here’s 3 Essentials Every Demolition Operator Must Own to thrive!

You’ll find with everything that you have to use the right tools for the right job, correct?

Of course you can get by without investing in the right products to get the job done but… why would you want to?

You make life more difficult, wasting YOUR valuable time when you could have it all knocked over in hours rather than days.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker

One attachment that will really make a difference is the Hydraulic Rock Breaker or more commonly known as the Hydraulic Hammer.

This is an attachment used for breaking the earth and shattering rocks/concrete into more manageable pieces.

This attachment connects up to your hydraulic lines and uses pressurised oil to produce large amounts of energy to power the breaking cycle and smash the material.

Our model comes with 2 different types of chisels. One being a point type and the other a wedge type.

We do this to give you two different options in which way you want to break up the substance. Whether it’s for breaking large rocks, chipping away at concrete or breaking down concrete structures. Both of these chisels are interchangeable and replaceable.

Demolition Grab

Another attachment that should be added to the rack is our Rotating or Fixed Hydraulic Demolition Grab.

These are fantastic pieces of equipment with various applications.

The stress and time in sorting rubble or waste into designated piles is made incredibly simply with it’s cutting edge, efficient design.

This will well and truly thin out the time it would generally take than doing the same job with the basic 5 finger design, lowing operating/fuel costs, and more importantly, saving valuable labour.

With its powerful twin ram design accompanied with the heavy duty linking rods, this provides an even grip on both blades and ensures you'll be ripping down walls left right and centre as if they were a wooden cubby house.

You also have the freedom when using the Rotating model in having that 360 degree rotation with the heavy-duty slew ring and rotating heads.

Hydraulic Grab Bucket

Finally the last tool to do wonders for your business is the Hydraulic Grab Bucket.

With this attachment you get the best of both worlds: being able to pick up an object to move it out of the way and straight back into digging or scraping without needing to switch attachments.

You’ll have a single large powerful ram with this one ensuring maximum grip strength accompanied by aggressive serrated edges on both sides of the bucket and underside of the thumb.

The Grab Bucket is great for multi-tasking at clearing an area of debris having large objects moved at the same time.

All 3 of these attachments are going to benefit you in many different ways, the question is… which attachment are you going to go for first?

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